Haghill and Dennistoun Credit Union  
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Haghill Dennistoun Credit Union

Opening Hours:

Monday 9.30- 2.30
Tuesday 9.30-2.30
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 9.30- 2.30
Friday 9.30- 2.30
Saturday 9.30 – 11.30
Sunday Closed


Contact Us:

Call: 0141 554 9595 or visit at 316/318 Duke Street Glasgow G31 1QZ

About Us:

The Haghill Dennistoun Credit Union Ltd. was founded on 1/10/1992. It is run by 13 volunteers who form the comittee and office volunteers and 4 staff. The Board of Directors meet monthly.

What is a Credit Union?


  • James Blair
  • Jeannie Forrester
  • Elizabeth Crawford
  • Jane Coyne
  • Lawrence Malloy
  • Mark Collins
  • Jean Collins
  • Louise Williams

Supervisory Committee

  • Freda Todd


  • Seema Achter
  • James Blair
  • Jane Coyne
  • Jeannie Forrester
  • Elizabeth Crawford
  • Heidi Dixon

We have assets of over 2.5 million pounds. Our cash liquidity far exceeds any requirement of the Financial Conduct Authority.

All funds invested in Haghill Dennistoun Credit Union are covered by the FSCS.

In the unlikely event of the collapse of HDCU all members would receive compensation up to £85,000 pounds.

When this credit union was founded all the founders wanted to create a friendly atmosphere for all our members, we personally know every one of them.

This credit union has repaid the loyalty of our members by consistently paying out a higher dividend than most banks.